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AKC Sanctioned B-Match 2011

Tillery Property

November 5, 2011


Vonnie Matheny with Woo Hoo OMG V. Santtenloewen

Sacha Hesse Smith with Northern Lights Firefly

Vicki Hatfield with Jasmine Almaideen at T-Bar

Mondee Edwards with Von Bruno's Black Velvet

Mondee Edwards with Von Bruno's Southern Sun

Arlene Wuertenburg with Wuertenburg's Woody Revenge

Arlene Wuertenburg with Shadow's Bronze Wuertenburg

Sally Killough with Springtime Demitasse Nico

Johnnie Lea Tate with Rabows Paparazzi at T-Bar

Jeff & Norma Huron with Shadows Touch of Jade

Jeff & Norma Huron with Shadows Thunder Struck

Twila Ashton with Burline's Deja Vu with Ashcroft



Special Thank You to

Judge Betty Strickland

Judge Dena Thompson

Toni Maurer, Ring Steward



Best Junior Handler:  Sacha Hesse Smith (with Northern Lights Firefly)

Best Adult in Match:  Von Bruno's Black Velvet (Mondee Edwards)

Best Puppy in Match:  Shadows Thunder Struck (Norma Huron)



Thank You for Participating Junior Showmanship Handlers!

Kimberlee Miller (with Phantom Whispers at T-Bar)-Toby

Sacha Hesse Smith (with Northern Lights Firefly)-Sunny

Colleen Campbell (with Shadow Bronze Wuertenburg)-Bronze

Carol Campbell (with Wuertenburg's Woody Revenge)-Woody




    More Junior Photos


Suni & Ollie (Leonberger)

Sacha with Sunny

Also CGC Testing Day!  Hattie passed!





Twila Ashton with Burline's Deja Vu with Ashcroft


Thank you to All

for participating, setting up the event & clean-up!

Next year, our B-Match will be at our Dog Show to be held at the Coliseum!!!


Valerie Tillery, B-Match Chair

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