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San Angelo, Texas

A Working Dog Club in this Community!

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 Canine Good Citizen Classes


   Canine Good Citizen Class #19

Flash, Sophie, Willow


Canine Good Citizen Class #18


Belle Beauty Rose, Blondie, Cowboy, Lacy, Lady,  Bloom, Molly, Rocco, Storm, Trixie, Wilbur


Canine Good Citizen Class #17

Bass, Blue, Buddy,  Lola, Mollie Posey, Sophie, Tex, Treble, Abby, Kiche, Finn, Piper, Molly, Kading


Canine Good Citizen Class #15 & #16

Einstein, Pogo, Roxie Farr, Solo, Star Farr, Delta, Kira, Lexi, Maggie


Canine Good Citizen Class #14

Brodie, Buddy, Callie Cash Cookie Huck Huxley Izzy Lily Lilly Minnie Mona Rex Sadie Sage Scooter Sophie


Canine Good Citizen Class #13

Bella, Bryan, Delilah, Gunny


Canine Good Citizen Classes #11 & #12

Arabella, Buckley, Cookie, Jenny, Kelbi, Tasha, Benny, Honey, Lumos, Pepper, Sam, Taz


Canine Good Citizen Class #10

Daisy Mae, DeeDee, Garon, Jeff Willertz, Judge, LuLu, Maggie, Paisley, Roddy Hay, Shiloh, Sofia, Starr


Canine Good Citizen Class #9

Dixon, Lexi Belle, Lilly, New Sketes Zachariah, Sunney, Wildestar's Katiyana

Canine Good Citizen Class #8

Butter Mikeska, Rabows Paparazzi at T-Bar (Chase), Kate Ford, Lovely Miss Lindsey (Lindsey), Midi, Moira, Sophie, Stella Bella


Canine Good Citizen Class #7

Bella Boozer, Bibbs Beau Cooper (Cooper), Boomer, Fight fire With Fire Ferly (Ferly), Griffin, Maggie Louise, Maggie, Northern Light's Eclipse (Bee), Phantom Whispers at T-Bar (Toby), Raeya, Toby


Canine Good Citizen Class #6

Bailey, Bandit, Jack, Lilly, Lucy, Penney


Canine Good Citizen Class #5

Bosch, Bruno, Lucky, Patches, Rango


Canine Good Citizen Class #4

Gus, Rhett, Tulo


Canine Good Citizen Class Graduates-Class #3

Benje, Jaci, Patti, Radar


Canine Good Citizen Class Graduates-Class #2 

Bronzee, Jasmine, Rosey, Sydney


Canine Good Citizen Class Graduates-Class #1

Macy, Shiner, Sunny, Whitt


S.T.A.R. Puppy Class #5

Astinos, Hera, Lottie, Odin, Reece


S.T.A.R Puppy Class #4

Bruce Delta & Miss Texas


S.T.A.R Puppy Class #3

Ingrid & Louie


S.T.A.R. Puppy Class #2

Bailey & Belle


 S.T.A.R. Puppy Class #1























 CGC Testing Only Events!

Big, Leo, Kioko, Hattie





Read about Kelbi!




DOG SHOW Testing for CGCA


CGCA Class August 2015

Cosmo, Daisy, Jasmine, KK & Savannah


2014 Passed CGC/CGCA at the Dog Show!




Community Outreach, Education & Awareness

  CVPAWS Positive YOUTH Program-April 10, 2015


CVPAWS Foster Parent Training


Recreation Center, July 18, 2014


Meals for the Elderly, Feb 14, 2013

(57 adults with 96 dogs)

 Kid's World Sunset Mall, July 17, 2012 (93 kids)

 San Angelo Recreation Center, Southside (July 12, 2012 with 45 kids) and Carl Ray (July 13, 2012 with 40 kids)

 1st Baptist Child Development Center, July 6, 2012 35 kids

Recreation Center, June 13-14, 2011

Kids' World at Sunset Mall, Safety Around Dogs, Oct 2, 2010

Juvenile Detention Center, September 29, 2011 (no photos allowed)

Tammy, Daisy & Jasmine at our Rodeo Ed Booth!  2015


Concho Christmas Lights Parade, December 6, 2014

 Rodeo Booth 2014

Hunting & Outdoorsman Expo 2013

Rodeo Booth 2013

Rodeo Booth 2012

Paws for Pooches Benefit & Pooch Pageant July 16, 2011, Sunset Mall

Stock Show & Rodeo Parade 2011

Concho Christmas Lights Parade, December 4, 2010

Trunk Show on Friday, September 18, 2009


Cosmo at the Community Education Booth at the 2015 Rodeo!
Dressed up!


Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2015


Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2014


Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2013


Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2012 


Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2011

           Meet the Breeds & CGC Demo!

Dog Lovers RDO Fair 2010 & B-Match  September 18, 2010


Responsible Dog Ownership Day Photos 2009


























Concho River Parade 2009



2015 Dog Show

2014 Dog Show

2013 Dog Show

Photos!   2012 Dog Show

2010 Dog Show Photos

2009 Dog Show Photos

2009 Agility A-Match Photos!


B-Match 2011

Dog Lovers RDO Fair 2010 & B-Match  September 18, 2010

B-Match Photos 2009

B Match Photos 2008 

San Angelo Standard Times News Article




 See How Milo's Day Went on Saturday!


Congratulations Milo & Larry!

Winner of the The "Riveria" Doggie Spa-w Package! 

(yes, cats can be groomed too!)



People & Pooch Walk 2011

People & Pooch Dog Walk, May 22, 2010



 Christmas 2015 Party

 Christmas 2014  -  Party & Boys Ranch

FUN MATCH June 7, 2014!

Christmas Party 2013

 CKC Halloween Picnic 2013 - Doggie Games & Costume Contest!

Fun Match June 1, 2013

Christmas Party 2012--Gifts to the Meals for the Elderly!

CKC Halloween Picnic 2012

CKC Picnic 2011

CKC Picnic 2010


Education & Training

Obedience Class #1 Graduates

Handling Classes

Junior Showmanship Photo List



Doggie Cookie Bakery   


CKC "Shed"---Building our storage Shed

Finally!   a place for our club's property and materials!

  CKC Earth Day Tree

In celebration and honor of the club & of the dog!


Sunset Mall, June 29, 2013, CGC Demo at Pooch Pageant

Chase, Bronzee, Bee

Jasmine, Arabella 


September 28, 2013 - Concho Valley Paws Mutt Strut Walk - Education Booth for CGC

above:  Jasmine & Starr (it was pouring down rain)-  with Garry H., Jeannette & Linda T.









Above:  Big Spring Kennel Club, Big Spring, Texas, May 8, 2011. Mondee Edwards in the ring




May 27, 2011, CCK Donates to Meals for the Elderly "Pet Program"

Johnnie Lea Tate (CKC) & Leann Criswell (Volunteer Director for the Meals for the Elderly)

 Donations of dog food (and cat food) are always needed for their homebound clients!

THANK YOU Club Members!




Community Day at Sunset Mall, April 10, 2010




Santa's Market 2011 at Goodfellow

Thank you for your Support!

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