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  Me & My Dog   --    Juniors Program

CKC Junior Showmanship Program



Me & My Dog....come on Thursdays!

juniors program


Working Toward AKC Junior Showmanship!


Love Dogs?

  • Boys & Girls, Ages 9-18 

  • *          Classes in good sportsmanship, dog care, ring procedures, presentation, careers with dogs & more

  • *          Handling Classes

  • *          Junior Parties & Contests

  • *          Practice Show

  • *          B-Match & Fun Match to win Ribbons!


Information Sheet for Entering in a Dog Show

Program Guidelines & Requirements

Program Mission

The primary mission and goal of the Junior Showmanship Program is to promote and encourage juniors to participate in the sport of purebred dog events with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Program Task

The primary task is to prepare children ages 9-18 for dog events and help build self-confidence, discipline, showmanship qualities, and to teach good sportsmanship—win or loose.   

The Dog

Each dog must be of a breed eligible to compete in the AKC conformation classes (including Miscellaneous Classes) at the event. Dogs may be PAL/ILP, Full-, or Limited-Registered to compete in Junior Showmanship competitions; additionally, spayed and neutered dogs are eligible.  Check for registration process.  Each dog must be owned or co-owned by the Junior Handler or by the Junior Handler’s father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather, or grandmother, including the corresponding step and half relations, or by a permanent member of the Junior Handler’s household. 


 Me & My Dog  Program Agenda & Events

  1. Orientation
  2. Classroom Education Classes
    1. Good sportsmanship-showmanship
    2. Personal Appearance in the ring
    3. AKC pure breed standards
    4. Dog Breed Groups
    5. Parts of the Dog
    6. Responsible Dog Care & Ownership
    7. Grooming
    8. Ring Procedures
    9. Handling Skills
    10. Stacking the Dog
    11. Moving the Dog
    12. Gaiting
    13. Presentation of the Dog
    14. Ring Patterns-Go Around
    15. Baiting
    16. Courtesy turn
    17. Ring Patterns—Triangle
    18. Mock Show


  1. Other Possible Training Sessions
    1. Safety Around Dogs
    2. Organizing a Show or Fun Match
    3. Dog Show Rules and Registration Procedures
    4. Careers with Dogs
    5. Advanced Handling Skills


  1. Events & Other Activities Possible
    1. Educational Poster Contest
    2. B-Match
    3. Mock Show—Competition Practice
    4. Fun Match for Juniors
    5. Halloween Costume Contest
    6. Jr. Doggie Party
    7. Parade of dogs


Program Fees

Program fees for each child are free.  Expenses for other activities such as match or dog show entrance fees are separate.  Other expenses for the child to participate in the program may include office and art supplies, clothing needs, occasional snacks and event fees.

Class Information

Children should dress appropriately to be running, kneeling on the floor etc, and to wear sneakers--no sandals or flip flops please.


Club Membership

Juniors in the program can make membership application with the CKC as associate members.  The Junior Associate member shall have a parent sponsor them and accompany them to the meetings if the junior does not have an existing club member to sponsor them.  Also, the entire family in ones household may join the club and pay the family membership fee and go through the same process of membership as any other. 


An orientation and recruitment drive is scheduled at various times during the year to gather interested individuals.  At this time, program fees and membership application fees can be made.  Each Junior and parent are required to complete an application or registration form and sign the waiver of liability form.

Junior Web Page

A page on the CKC will be designated for Juniors.  This page could include information about the program, any scholarships available, pictures, accomplishments of the juniors and any other information that would promote the program. 

Junior Liaison

The Junior Showmanship program will seek an adult parent whose child(ren) are involved in the program.  This liaison has the task of:

  • Answer inquires and offer advice to juniors, prospective juniors, parents or others who want to participate in the program
  • Be available at the regular general membership meetings of the CKC to report on the program
  • Participate in all program events and activities


Fund Raising

The Junior Showmanship program participates may assist CKC members with fundraising activities for the club.  Juniors may also host their own fundraising activities for which funds generated shall go to the general fund of the CKC.  The board of directors must approve any and all motions whereby income generated by a junior showmanship program fundraiser be designated specifically for a junior event and/or scholarship. 

Companion Event Activities

The Junior Showmanship program may also offer educational classes and instructions on AKC companion events such as obedience, rally and other events if time and resources are available.

 Junior Showmanship Committee

The CKC will recruit members from the club to participate on the committee.  The committee will consist of at least three (3) active members in good standing.  They are to be selected and appointed by the board of directors in accordance with the Bylaws on committees.  The chairperson should be willing and able to assume the administrative responsibilities and education tasks of the committee.   The other committee members should be willing and able to assist with all events, activities and educational tasks of the committee.  Club members may be asked to attend a junior class with their dog for socialization needs.




Junior Achievement Challenge

Onofrio founded the Junior Achievement Challenge in order to support Juniors’ participation in the showing of pure bred dogs, The goal is to expand the education of Juniors who are raising, training, and showing pure bred dogs. This will be accomplished by sponsoring seminars,matches, social events, and trophies.We have also established an education fund as part of the program to grant financial aid for post high school education, and will award other education-based items.

The fundamental goal behind the JAC program is to encourage education. The majority of the prizes offered at shows sponsoring the JAC will coincide with this goal. The prizes may be different from show to show, but examples of what can be won are: AKC Breed Standards (Junior's choice of Group), Breed Videos, Books, and JAC T-Shirts.

Junior Achievement Challenge Scholarship Program

Juniors must meet all requirements set forth.

__List of Onofrio superintended show(s) won
__Number of entries (Junior must defeat a minimum of 50 competitors in the course of a year by being awarded Best
Junior or by winning a class)
__Number of absentees
__Level of award
__The judge's name

Perform a minimum of 50 hours over the course of one year. This must be done by completing at least three different activities that follow:

__Work with a show Chairman (Asst. Show Chairman)
__Work at a club educational booth
__Breed Rescue
__Club information phone lines
__Chief Ring Steward/Ring Steward
__K-9 therapy
__Dogs for the blind
__B/OB match chairman
__Assistance in fund raising match
__Local Humane Society
__Other services not listed, but might qualify should be submitted to Onofrio for

Scholarships will be awarded by the JAC Scholarship Committee. Each year the committee will review the accuracy of the records submitted, including a check that all criteria have been met. The committee will then hold a drawing to determine
the winner from the qualified applicants.

Scholarships are to be used for the pursuit of higher education only.The amount and number will vary based on accumulated donations and monies raised during said year.However, the JAC guarantees scholarships of no less than $750.00. Once the Junior is enrolled, the scholarship will be paid to the Junior's institution of choice. If the money is not used within four years after graduation from high school, the money will remain in the JAC Scholarship Fund.

How you can help
In order to support our Juniors,we are asking for your help by sending us old issues of the AKC Gazette, hard to find or out of print dog books, training videos, or other education-based items. Or…if you prefer to donate financially, please send a
check made out to JAC (no more than 10% of donations will be used for administrative costs). Since we are encouraging the education of Juniors,we will not sponsor shows that conflict with their regular schooling. So the majority of our JAC sponsored shows will be held on weekends & national holidays.

For additional information, contact: Antony M Onofrio, PO Box 25764, Oklahoma City OK 73125 • (405) 427-8181.


Junior at the Big Spring Show May 2012

 Juniors at Midland Dog show & B-Match February 2012

Juniors at B-Match November 2011

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