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1.  As a breeder, I will conduct only planned breedings, using dogs and bitches which I feel will improve the breed, according to the official standard of perfection for that breed.  This includes the use of dogs or bitches owned by any other person.  I will not plan breedings which will impair my reputation as a breeder of integrity.


2.  I will refuse stud service to any bitch that is of a different breed than my stud, that is unregistered, or that is of unsound body or temperament.  I will not provide stud service or accept stud service from any owner or owners of dogs or bitches unless I seriously consider these owners to be ethical and responsible in the following:


a.  Giving proper care to dogs and puppies involved;

b.  carefully adhering to the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club concerning breeding and registrations;

c. ethical place or disposal of the resulting puppies.


Although it is impossible to guarantee the actions of anyone other than myself, I will deal only with those breeders whom I believe to be as conscientious as I have pledged myself to be.


3.  I will not use as stud any dog, or breed any bitch, which has any major faults, except in planned breeding (of dogs owned by  me) to assess possible hereditary faults.


4.  Should I breed puppies which are deformed to the extent of causing pain to those animals, I will have them humanely destroyed.  Those puppies with defects which make them detrimental to the breed shall be sold without registration papers or with agreements to have them spayed or neutered.  They will be honestly represented to the new owner.

5.  I will not sell nor donate dogs to commercial wholesalers, retailers, laboratories, nor to any buyer where I have reason to believe that the puppy or dog will not receive proper care.


6.  I will not sell stock without true representation to the purchaser, nor use misleading or untruthful statements in selling or advertising.  I will insure (to the best of my ability) that these dogs are in good health, both mentally and physically, at the time of the sale.


7.  I will maintain high standards of hygiene in the care of my dogs.  I will treat all dogs owned by me, or in my care, humanely.  I will take every precaution to avoid over breeding my dogs, accidental litters, or injury.


8.  I will comply with all AKC rules and regulations.  I will acquaint myself with these rules, before breeding or registering any dogs.


9.  I will help educate the public in the standard of perfection for my breed and in all other areas with which I am familiar regarding pure-bred cogs.


10. I will not malign any member of the CKC, his breed, nor his kennel operation.  I will exhibit the highest quality of good sportsmanship at all times.


I pledge to support the CKC in spirit and in deed.  I solemnly affirm that, as a member, or if accepted for membership in the CKC, I will abide by this Code of Ethics.  I understand that violation of this Code of Ethics is just cause for my expulsion from the CKC. 




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  (Approved by the Membership February 25, 1997)

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