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Job Descriptions for Committees

(guideline only)

Show/Match Chairperson

Duties of the Show/Match Chairperson shall include, but not be limited to the following:
a) Maintain the Show/Match Chairperson Notebook
b) Be responsible for the physical show location, equipment, trophies, concessions, publicity, and manpower.
c) Should delegate duties by obtaining the following chairperson:
a. Equipment Chairperson
b. Obedience Chairperson
c. Confirmation Chairperson
d. Concessions Chairperson
e. Trophy Chairperson
f. Publicity Chairperson

Show/Match Secretary

Duties of the Show/Match Secretary shall include, but not be limited to the following:
a) All correspondence with AKC, Onofrio and Judges Panel is to be via the Show Secretary
b) All entries are handled by the Show Secretary
c) Show Secretary will not show at the show/match at which they are Show Secretary.
d) Premium List compilation, approval, printing, and distribution are the responsibility of the Show Secretary, but can be assigned to a committee of the Show Secretary’s choosing.
e) Catalog compilation, approval, printing, and distribution are the responsibility of the Show Secretary. Number of entries and identity of entries must remain a secret and known only by the Show Secretary until after the closing of the entry period.

Booth Space Sub-Committee
To secure booth sales for show concessions & vendors

Grounds Chairman Sub-Committee
Assist with issues or concerns regarding the outside of the facility including but not limited to RV parking, security, parking lot attendant, checking for animals in distress in vehicles, handling parking and blocking of entry, and to coordinate the use of the building area and parking lot with the show chair; traffic control and all building and parking lot conditions.

Catalog Sponsor Ads Sub-Committee
To assist the show secretary in securing advertising for the show catalog.

Catalog Sub-Committee
To be responsible for the distribution and sales of show catalogs.

Chief Ring Stewards
To provide a full complement of ring stewards for the annual show.
Awards/Trophy Sub-Committee
To assume the responsibility for all matters relating to trophies at the annual show.

Judge Selection Sub-Committee

VIP/Show Hospitality Sub-Committee

Raffles/Door Prizes Sub-Committee


Executive Committee:  see Bylaws



  • Preside at all meetings

  • Ex-officio, and a member of all committees, standing and ad hoc

  • Planning & organizing

  • Appointing and delegating

  • Attend as many committee meetings as possible

  • Evaluating- Ongoing analysis of club meetings and operation

  • Goal setting for results

  • Monitoring- Continuously monitor the club’s progress toward goal

  • Motivating- Establish a climate of enthusiasm, openness, and concern

  • Problem solving

  • Recruiting and retaining- Make certain all members are active and involved.

  • Training- Club officers, board, and committee chairpersons

  • Appoint chairmen and committees to advance the work of the Club in such matters as dog shows, obedience trials, and tracking tests, trophies, annual prizes, and other fields which may be well served by committees


  • Exercise the duties and powers of the president in the President’s absence

  • Service to the president

  • Service to the other club officers and service to the general membership

  • Assist the president and other officers with their duties

  • Collect all of the monthly reports of the committees and turn them in to the secretary

  • Collect monies and coordinate t-shirt ordering


  • Maintain record of financial conditions

  • Have financial records open and available to inspection

  • Collect and receive all funds due or belonging to Club

  • Make deposits

  • Disperse funds and payments

  • Make records available at annual meeting


  • Keep and maintain all club records and files

  • Keep a record of all meetings and all matters of which a record shall be ordered by the Board

  • Charge of the correspondence

  • Notify applicants of their election to membership

  • Keep a roll of the members and their addresses

  • Send email about meetings

The secretary’s Club record file should include the following:

  • Club bylaws

  • Membership Orientation book

  • Minutes of all club meetings-regular and board meetings

  • Committee reports

  • List of committee chairs and members

  • Club’s past achievement reports

  • Club’s past monthly reports

  • Club roster having the following information for each member:

    • Member’s full name, home address, and e-mail address

    • Telephone number

    • Date of birth

    • Date of membership

    • Committee assignments and offices held   

  • Complete set of printed material and Key Club literature



Nominations Chairperson
• Collect names from the floor for positions
• Prepare a slate of officer nominees
• Report nominations to the Secretary in writing

Community Education & Outreach
• To provide educational opportunities for the general public about responsible dog ownership; coordinate visits to nursing homes, schools and other public venues.

The Social Committee
• Responsible for all social functions of this Club and such other duties as may be assigned to it
• Act as a reception committee at all meetings for guests, members, sign-in
• Coordinates mixers, birthday remembrances, Christmas party and other socials

• Oversees the update of the bylaws
• To maintain a complete copy of the articles of incorporation and Club by-laws, along with a policy and procedure manual, if written

• Enforce the rules of parliamentary procedure at all executive board as well as general membership meetings
• Enforce these rules in the election of officers
• Ensure that all paid members have equal voting rights

Legislative Chair Follow issues between AKC & the Club



The Public Relations Committee
• Arrange the preparation and dissemination of news releases regarding this Club’s activities and educational programs
• Web development

• Liaison between members, potential members, and the President to encourage and foster membership growth
• Works closely with the Board, and may suggest methods to increase membership
• Assist the Publicity Committee with planning flyers/brochures and the Web page
• Meets as needed, with most communication is accomplished by phone or mail or email
• Develop a publicity campaign in conjunction with the Publicity Committee
• Compose and distribute a membership application package (include a letter, necessary application forms, return envelope, brochures
• Collect application forms and fees
• Provide new member with orientation

  • Provides membership roster to members

• Investigate and organize fundraising activities for the club
• Coordinates with executive committee and members to initiate project
Report progress

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