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Ambassadors:  Johnnie Lea Tate, Valerie Tillery, Linda Tillery & Arlene Wuertenburg


 Think you might want outreach in the community with your dog?  Consider some of these ideas:


Going to nursing homes, retirement villages, schools and daycare centers

Hosting an educational seminar or workshop for the community on proper care of dogs

Write articles for this website!

Presentations with the Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts!

Presentations at the City Recreation Centers!


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Recreation Center, June 13-14, 2011, 2 centers, 85 children

Kids' World at Sunset Mall, Safety Around Dogs, Oct 2, 2010

September 29, 2011, Juvenile Justice Center (12 kids)

 Recreation Center, July 12-13, 2011, 2 centers

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