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October 4th - 2014

Agility Under the Moonlight!














Introduction to

Agility Workshop!

4-Hour Workshop - 2 Saturdays at 2 Hours each!

Upcoming Workshops!



What to Bring:

• Your Dog!

• A buckle collar and leash

• Small training treats (e.g. cheese, hot dog wiener, turkey, etc.) and/or Favorite Toy

• A bowl and water

• Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes (no sandals/flip flops)

• Please be prepared to clean up after your dog

  • a Hat!




• Bring Form:

Agility Equipment Usage & Waiver Form   (PDF format)  



Where:  507 West 47th Street, Agility Field

(West side 47th Street off North Chadbourne)



Class size is Limited - Always Check Website for Additional Workshops & Training Opportunities!



If you have questions, please contact Valerie at (325) 315-0289


Includes instruction, handouts, practice opportunity  


Make Checks Payable to:  CKC

% 507 West 47th Street, San Angelo, Texas 76903


or Register/Pay online Below



Session Options:


4-Hour Workshop

$20.00 per dog

 plus small online processing fee ($.88) 

Workshop Date Preference
Dog's Name
  • Bring Forms:

Agility Equipment Usage & Waiver Form   (PDF format)  

Registration Form & Information






When Using Field, Please Print, Read & Sign:  

Agility Equipment Usage & Waiver Form   (PDF format)  











non-member Field Usage Fee:  $3.00 Donation or


Come & Go Monthly Pass Donation

  plus small online processing fee (50¢)



The sport of agility is the canine equivalent of equestrian riding events. Guided by their handlers, dogs navigate through a course of obstacles. As an introduction to Agility, the above Workshop is designed to introduce you and your dog to the obstacles that include jumps, tunnels, contact obstacles, A-Frames, see-saws and weave poles. 


     These obstacles test the dog’s versatile and agile nature and help shape self confidence.   Training methods are positive and motivational.   The workshop is a low-key, low-equipment introduction to the agility equipment.  Handlers learn fundamental handling skills, safety for the dog, and training techniques; it is also great for socialization! 


     You don't have to want to compete in agility trials to participate in this sport.  Most students start agility classes just to have fun with their dogs. Some get "hooked" on it and do go on to compete.


Practicing agility with your dog benefits your relationship in many ways:

·     provides mental and physical exercise

·     builds your dog's trust in you

·     increases your confidence as a handler

·     creates a sense of teamwork

·     fosters a bond between you and your dog...

...all while having fun!


"Paws & Pals" Agility Field "In Progress" - With CARPET!


Carpeting the "Field of Stickers" for a "Field of Dreams!"

Daisy in February 2014







Paint donated by Habitat for Humanity!

The kennel club bought Jon Julien's training equipment there in Tye, Texas (US Tactical K9 Academy & Kennels).  It's a start!



How it All got Started! 


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